Healing Energy is the brain child of Cashmere, a holistic healer who believes strongly in the mind-body connection.  A firm believer in the Law of Attraction, she understands the great power of the mind to manifest whatever it wants. She wants to teach everyone the fact, that your thoughts can literally change your life. She has been practicing Reiki, Pendulum Dowsing and Crystal Therapy as taught by Rani Venkat since 1998.

Since then she has conducted energy healing for many friends and family members. She was initiated as a 3rd degree Reiki Medium by Reiki Grand Masters Gp Capt(retired) and Mrs Boraskar in 2008 and became a Reiki Master under the tutelage of Reiki Grand Masters Sqn Ldr Ashutosh Bahuguna AFVand Mrs Neerja Bahugua of the William Lee Rand lineage in 2015. She subsequently went on to gain an additional Masters attunement from Gary and Adele Malone of the Iris Ishikuro lineage also in 2015.

Cashmere was taught the basics of Tarot Card reading on the Rider Waite tarot pack by Reiki Master Charu Mudholkar in 2008. A skill that she has honed by providing friends and family with many readings before she turned professional.  Following this she started a blog online where she provides one free tarot reading to a person who fills in the form on the website each month. She has been providing these monthly free readings since June 2010. 

She was introduced to Angel Therapy by Anu Kumar in 2009 and started using Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards and Oracle Cards in her tarot reading sessions as well. She became an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) fan in 2009. It is a self taught skill, introduced to the world by Gary Craig and popularized by Nick Ortner, that she has used effectively in conjunction with Reiki on adults and children to rid them of negative emotions such as anger, anxieties and phobias. 

Professionally she has worked as a Content Writer, a Travel Agent, HR Trainer for an Air Hostess Academy, a Search Engine Optimization professional, a Spoken English teacher, a freelance writer for print magazines, an editor for a news publishing firm and an online Social Media marketer, while she honed her alternative therapy healing skills. She also publishes fiction under a pen name. She has straddled the world of spirituality and the online marketplaces with ease and now wants to share what she experienced with anyone willing to learn.

Workshops Conducted

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Basics of Meditation

Meditation for Manifestation
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Important Decisions Teens Make
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Energy Healing 

Reiki Level 1

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Introduction to Energy Work
Creative Writing for Children
Effective Decision Making for Teens


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Lenormand Cards Basic Course

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Attracting Financial Abundance
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