The Healing Energy of Reiki brings balance to the mind, body, and soul. Benefits of Reiki include: 
  • A sense of deep relaxation as it heals afflictions.
  • Reiki is non invasive and gentle.
  • An amazing stress buster and wellness booster.
  • Accelerated healing is seen on physical, emotional, psychic, karmic & spiritual levels.
  • Increases your intuition and makes you more aware of your life purpose.
  • Reiki helps your body re-connect with its natural ability to heal itself.
  • Reiki is both, a Healing Energy as well as a Spiritual Path. 
Tranquility fills your senses after a Reiki session.

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Reiki will change your life!

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A member of the International Reiki Healing Association  with its headquarters in UK, Cashmere is a gifted energy healer. Currently a practicing Reiki Grand Master and Tarot Specialist. She has been performing Reiki Healing for the last two decades. She is also into professional online content management on wellness subjects. She is available as a Law of Attraction Coach.