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Reiki Level I

Reiki Level 1
Workshop Duration - 8 hours

Reiki healing techniques for self and others, using Japanese Reiki Techniques, as taught by 

Dr. Mikao Usui including: 

Gassho meditation to center yourself, 

Reiji-ho - developing your intuition by connecting to spirit,

 Byosen Scanning - detecting where Reiki is needed, 

Gyoshi ho - sending Reiki with the eyes, 

Kenyoku - dry bathing or clearing ones energy field.

Learn to heal the physical body and all important organs by balancing their energy levels.

Learn the History of Reiki.

Learn about the energy system that makes up your body.

Learn to use Reiki energy on aura and physical body.

Learn to use crystal pendulum to charge body.

Learn to use dowsing techniques to detect imbalances and correct them.

Learn to use Reiki on Animals, Plants and a whole lot more.

Energy Exchange INR 6,000.00

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*All prices valid till December 2021