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Reiki Level II

Reiki Level 2
Workshop Duration - 8 hours

Reiki distance healing technique Enkaku Chiryo as taught in traditional Usui System of Natural Healing.

Three traditional Usui Reiki symbols will be taught along with their purpose and uses.

The Reiki Symbol sandwich is covered for living as well as non living energy healing processing.

Learn to draw, pronounce and use Reiki symbols with affirmations/ intentions.

Learn to use Reiki energy to heal from a distance with new Remote Reiki techniques.

Learn to heal emotional and mental issues.

Learn to use Crystal Healing Wands to magnify Reiki Healing Energy.

Learn to create and use a Reiki box or Wish Box to conduct healing for many affirmations at the same time.

Learn powerful Reiki Meditation using traditional Reiki Symbols.

Energy Exchange INR 9,000.00

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*All prices valid till December 2021