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Reiki Level III-A

Reiki Level 3A
Workshop Duration - 12 hours

Advanced Reiki healing techniques to counter specific challenges.

Reiki Master Symbol is introduced at this level.

Reiki Crystal Grid creation and uses are explained and practiced.

Master Meditation and Charging is taught.

Master the techniques of Reiji Ho, Byosan Reikan Ho, Gyoshi Ho and Koki Ho.

Learn the technique of Regression with Self Hypnosis.

Learn to use Crystals and Stones to magnify Reiki healing energy.

Learn to cleanse the negativity caused by a Psychic Attack and create a shield against it.

Learn Psychic Surgery to help remove blocks to healing in acute medical cases.

Learn to take your Reiki healing abilities to the maximum number of people you can.

Learn how to give treatments to chronic, severe or terminal illnesses.

Use guided meditations to deepen your personal spiritual practice with Reiki.

Learn to become a confident and competent Reiki Healer.

Energy Exchange INR 15,000.00

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*All prices valid till December 2021