Law of Attraction

While there are many Spiritual Laws, the Law of Attraction has been the most popular. Simply stated it says that what you think of, is what you attract into your life.

Energy goes where attention flows.

Every thought you think, every word you speak, every action you take, all of them have an energy vibration. All of them are creating your life. The way your life is today, is because of your thoughts, words and actions in the past.

Why use Law of Attraction Coaching?

Don't like the way your life is shaping up right now? No need to worry. The good news is that you can change that energy at will. All you have to do is adopt a new thought pattern and consistently stay with it. The concept is simple, it's the implementation that you may need some help with.

Use the 7 Essential Spiritual Laws

There is more to attracting the life you want than simply thinking about it. The 7 metaphysical laws that you will be introduced to, ensure that you have enough tools and knowledge to become a successful Manifesting Master. The coaching takes place over a period of three months with weekly, hour long sessions to help you meet your New Life's goals and ambitions.

It is recommended that you start with a package of 3 months as that much time is usually required to overcome the old patterns of behaviour and thought. Most people see a drastic change in their lives due to the subtle changes suggested and implemented in the coaching session. More sessions may be added if required later on.

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