Angel Guidance

We are surrounded by Angels who are universal messengers of Peace, Love, and Joy. Angels function from a superior state of consciousness and represent the best qualities and virtues. Each of us is blessed with at least two Guardian Angels at birth, and now its time to get to know them better!

Bear in mind that Angels can’t interfere with our FREE WILL. We must call them into our lives and ask for their assistance. They can help with cleansing negative energies, healing physical and emotional trauma, protecting and shielding us from hurt, and so much more.

Angel Oracle Reading

The gentle energy of Angel Oracle Cards makes them the perfect guidance tool for Divine Wisdom. An Oracle Deck is hugely reassuring and positive besides being very accurate. However the clarity of answer depends on how clear our question is. To make the most of this reading ask yourself for clarity about the area in your life you are focused on. Frame your questions based on what you are seeking, be it guidance, direction to move in, or the resulting outcome of a situation.

Energy Exchange INR 1,500.00

For 30 Minutes Session


Energy Exchange INR 2,500.00

For Upto 60 Minutes Session

Angel Therapy Healing

Each Archangel is here to serve humanity in their own special capacity. For instance, the healing energy of Archangel Raphael works beautifully when invoked for physical illnesses. Similarly Archangel Michael can be invoked for emotional protection.

A week of facilitated Angel Healing includes receiving:

# An audio meditation to ask the angels for intervention,

# A set of affirmations framed specifically for you to use, and

# Guidance about what Angel Crystals could help ease the situation.

Energy Exchange INR 2555.00 / USD 35

Working with Your Angels

Workshop Duration - 4 hours

This is an online workshop where you learn how to connect with the Angels and ask them for help in healing your life. The course covers the following topics

#The Angel Hierarchy

#Guardian & Archangels

#The 4 "Clairs" and How to Enhance Them

#Angel Signs & Numbers

#Invoking Help of Angels

#Using Crystal Angels

#Healing With the Angels

#Your Lightworker Purpose

Energy Exchange INR 5888 / USD 78

~ All prices valid till December 2021 ~